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Triacom is a supplier of high-end translation services located in the heart of Northern Germany. Triacom was founded in 1984 by translator Per N. Dohler, who continues to head it and undertakes many translation tasks personally. His experience and subject expertise are some of Triacom’s major assets. In addition, he has been able to build a reliable network of highly qualified translators in several countries for Triacom.

In 1992, Thea Dohler came on board as an editor and project manager. She prepares information, technical and advertising copy to fit the requirements of the individual markets and also furnishes translations. She is in charge of marketing, internal organization and quality control.

From the beginning, Triacom has concentrated on a small number of languages and selected fields. Triacom has an international reputation for its excellent translations and fine German copy in marketing, business communications, dentistry, medicine, and IT.

More than 1,700 published articles, 60 translated monographs and reference books, 40 regularly active clients and a large number of occasional clients speak for themselves.

Triacom has been registered as a trademark in Germany (1996), the U.S. (2003), and Sweden (2013). The Triacom logo is a trademark used by Per N. Dohler.

Triacom and its translations have been featured on the Internet at triacom.com since 1996.

The founder and heart of Triacom. Trained linguist (M.A.) with an added background in computer science (B.Sc. equiv.). Technical translator between German and English and from Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. A man of powerful words

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Editor, translator, and project manager at Triacom. DipTrans (IoL). Degree in business administration. Ph.D. in education. Five years of studies abroad. Certified systemic coach (DCV). Talented organizer and marketing expert with a soft spot for language.

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